Often, when Japanese companies offer ridiculously expensive, limited edition products, I kind of shrug my shoulders. "Nobody's gonna buy this," I think. Well, this time I was wrong.

Yesterday, Kotaku reported that 7-Eleven Japan was offering twenty five limited edition Evangelion Unit-01 statues, priced at 1.836 million yen (or US$17,892).

According to Sankei News, within two minutes of going on sale at 10am this morning, all twenty five of them were sold.


[Photo: Fashion Snap]

Two minutes. Twenty five statues. Priced at $18,000 each. Wowzers. That seems hard to believe, and according to Sankei News, even 7-Eleven was surprised.

Looks like there are some hardcore Neon Genesis Evangelion fans with truly deep pockets.


エヴァンゲリオン初号機 ヒューマンスケールフィギュア [7-Eleven via Sankei News]

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