Ede Tarsoly today announced Meridian: New World, an old-school RTS game that, he says, is the product of a development team that includes...Ede Tarsoly.

Seems he's been working on the game for two years now. It's pitched more at the StarCraft II crowd than the Company of Heroes crowd, as he calls it a "traditional RTS", though Tarsoly does also promise some stuff like a Mass Effect-ish "talk to your crew after the mission" feature and a level editor.

The screenshots look incredible, but perhaps the only thing giving cause for caution is that there's no video of the game in action. So who knows how well everything's actually coming together.

Still, Tarsoly's aiming for an early 2014 release, so that's plenty of time for a trailer or two to keep everyone updated.

Meridian: New World [ModDB, via PC Gamer]