I Cannot Stop Playing Pet Society

To: Bashcraft
From: Fahey
RE: The Biggest Non-Gaming News In Japan Today Involves A Naked Man

While you've got your hands full with naked Japanese men over there, I'm busy trying to shake my addiction to Pet Society, a Facebook game from a company called Playfish, in which you create a pet and take care of its basic and material needs until you slowly become completely batshit insane. I've been playing it for several months now, raising my pet's rank up to level 26 by breaking into other people's homes and washing and feeding their neglected virtual companions, while refusing to wash my own in case he drops a golden poop.


I am waiting. For a fake animal. To shit gold.

It's gotten so bad lately that I've had to purchase a fake Xbox 360 in the game in order to watch my pet, Back, play fake video games in my stead. This is probably the most pathetic thing I've done in my entire life, and I've dated redheads.

I'd point you towards the game's Facebook page, but I don't think any of you guys have paid attention to the several hundred invitations to play I've already sent. A wise decision, I should think. Besides, they've got golden poo on every street corner in Japan.


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