Each weekend, Destiny’s Trials of Osiris gives competitive players a chance to team up with two friends and take on the toughest PvP competition out there. Or, if you’re extremely good at Destiny, you can skip the teaming up part and play solo.

I chatted some with Destiny streamer/YouTuber SirDimetrious last week for a story about the overall state of Destiny PvP, and as a result have been going back and watching more of his videos. For a few months now, he’s been running Trials 1v3s, where he heads into Trials of Osiris and sees how well he can do when playing solo against teams of three.

He’s putting himself at a massive disadvantage, and yet… well, you know where this is going. He does just fine. If you want to spend some time watching someone be ridiculously good at Destiny, this is a solid option.