You Wish This Expandable Game Of Thrones Castle Was Real

Don't let the makers of this amazing expandable castle, Max Berends and his brother Tijn, fool you. What seems like a wooden Winterfell from Game of Thrones' opening at first is, in fact, a very well-made animated model.


In their video below, they describe how the 3D model was created—a process which probably took almost as much time and effort as creating an actual wooden clockwork Winterfell would have.

Real Expandable Castle (Game of Thrones castle) [YouTube]

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I am going to use a a word thrown around the Internets quite often, but from which I generally shy away:


It looks faker than the one in the show's credits, the video didn't really show how it was made aside from the reference points on the table, and watching even a small (should have to be three? times as big) wooden model that doesn't resemble Winterfell pop up is inherently quite boring (at least in the credits, which most people fast-forward through, there is a much higher level of detail, different "materials", and the flyovers across the map.) I hate to rain on anyone's parade and hard work, but this was hardly post-worthy.