I Am Alive In March

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Ubisoft's mysterious survival title I Am Alive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, is apparently due out by the end of March...so hopefully we'll know something about it by then.


I Am Alive, originally scheduled for a 2nd quarter 2009 release, is a survival game developed by Cold Fear developers Darkworks, that takes place after an earthquake devastates the city of Chicago. It's a more realistic take on the survival genre, showing in first-person how one man survives a catastrophic event that could indeed happen.

So the game has been pushed up a bit, but we've still not really seen anything outside of the trailer. Should we be worried, or is Ubisoft just waiting to drop something amazing on our heads?

I Am Alive due by end of March - Ubisoft [Eurogamer]


Jason Long

What is up with all of you Ubisoft Haters?

I like the majority of their games. They have plenty of good IPs and I'm sure that I am Alive is going to be great.

I for one, am ecstatic!