When some male animals attract mates, they often present themselves in a way that shows off their virility. This form of mating ritual is often called peacocking, and it appears that in China's military speed dating circles, it's done through push-ups.

Chinese News Agency Xinhua brings us a set of photos of soldiers attending a dating event. Sounds simple enough right? Well, according to Xinhua, Chinese soldiers don't have many opportunities to meet women.

Taking place in Foshan, Guangdong province, over 100 members of the military and armed police (mostly men) met up with 100 young men and women (mostly women) for a form of blind dating. Think something similar to speed dating. At one point during the event, the men of the Airforce got on all fours and started doing push-ups. Push-ups.


You'd think that being dressed and decked out in full military uniform would get them somewhere right? How does that saying go, men and women love men and women in uniform?

广东百名军官参加相亲会 现场做俯卧撑[Xinhua]

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