HYPERCUBE Is Human Tetris With 3D Glasses

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You know Human Tetris, right? A funny segment on a Japanese variety show gets made into an internationally-syndicated television series, wears out its welcome, the world moves on. HYPERCUBE, an experimental game by Canadian experimental games troupe Kokoromi, is based on a similar premise. Only, it's not a joke, and it looks really, really cool. The object of the game is as follows:

You have a cluster of procedurally generated cubes right in front of you, and your goal is to quickly line it up to fit through the hole in the wall that's moving toward you, by rotating the cluster with the controller.


That's the human tetris part. The experimental games part comes in the game's control scheme; you use a 360 controller, but also a pair of stereoscopic 3D glasses, which you can use to look around the game world and make sure you've got everything lined up just right. The full, glasses-and-all version (called Super HYPERCUBE) is only really for show, but the team will also be releasing a vanilla HYPERCUBE that just uses a 360 pad, so people like you and me can have a go. Only on Offworld: Polytron/Kokoromi's Anaglyphic super HYPERCUBE [Offworld]



Hypercube is also the second movie in the Cube trilogy, which most people didn't like, but I kind of dug.