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Arcade Heroes is reporting today that the team behind the original Hydro Thunder is developing a spiritual sequel to the Midway arcade classic, set to debut at next week's ATEI show in London.

Arcade game manufacturer Raw Thrills is set to reveal H2Overdrive, a powerboat racing game developed by the original Hydro Thunder team, creators of the best arcade racing game of all time. After two poorly received spin-offs, Arctic Thunder and Off-Road Thunder, Midway allegedly canceled the true sequel to Hydro Thunder in a moment of infinite evilness.


Details are scant, but to hear Raw Thrills tell it, H2Overdrive looks "amazing." Hopefully, that means "actually amazing" and not just "amazing in comparison is Raw Thrills' other games, like Target: Terror." Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.

Update: IT LOOKS GOOD. Arcade Heroes has first screens, just one of which we've yoinked.

New boat racing game by Raw Thrills' and the Hydro Thunder team to be at ATEI [Arcade Heroes]

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