Hydraulic Rig Turns GTA V Into a Wild Theme Park Ride

If you played GTA V like this, you’d probably hurl in, like, ten minutes.

This video by small-scale engineering outfit Force Dynamics shows a GTA V session played in a seat designed to transmit motion feedback. The reactive platform turns a ride on Los Santos’ roller coaster from a boring side activity to something that’s a lot like the real thing.


It’s one thing to play Rockstar’s open-world opus with the force feedback rumbling through your hands. It’s a totally different experience to play it with all that haptics scripting throwing you around like a dog’s chew toy. Someone please make this into an arcade cabinet, mkay?

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Naw, somebody will just turn this into a kickstarter for 500 bucks a pop. Then after they get all of the money for it we’ll be hearing in about two years how they failed to predict how much money they actually needed for the project. Finally everyone who threw money into the pit will have much gnashing of teeth.

Get to work, internet.