[Image: Comisoku]

Hunter x Hunter, no stranger to taking time off, is still on break—for now, at least. The manga’s publisher says new pages are TBA.

As previously mentioned, manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi’s longest Hunter x Hunter publication streak is 30 issues, while his longest hiatus is 80 issues. The most recent break began in June 2016. Here is how things currently look, courtesy of the Hunter X Hunter Hiatus Chart:

Recently, it was announced that a Hunter X Hunter compilation will be released in late June. This led to speculation that Togashi was going to end the manga’s hiatus and new Hunter X Hunter was around the corner.

When Get News asked Hunter X Hunter’s publisher Shueisha if this meant the manga’s hiatus was going to end, Shueisha replied, “Regarding the serialization’s resumption, that is undecided at this current point. Once determined, it will be formally announced the magazine.”

For now, the hiatus continues!

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