It's a longstanding, somewhat sick desire of many of us who play games to stand, back against the wall, in the dark, waiting for the aliens to come. Why? I guess we all just really liked Aliens? But it's what so many of us want.

Aliens vs. Marine, an in-progress game/mod by YouTuber Dave P, looks to channel that wonderful, isolated terror once again, and it uses Crytek's powerful Cryengine 3 to do so. This demo video is light on the actual Xenomorphs, but it's got atmosphere and paranoia to spare. As a proof-of-concept, it's certainly enough to make me want to check the whole thing out.

In the YouTube description, the creator states that AvM is not technically a mod anymore:

AVM is not a MOD anymore. Now I'm using freeSDK and I started textures-replacement process (Doom3 and AvP2010 textures will be replaced with my own textures, which are very close to original txs. This process is very time consuming.. In these days I'm finishing Derelict level and I started to work on AI (facehuggers will be first), rigging and animating. I planned to post new video with a FIGHT on january or february 2013. Please be patient


Okay, Dave, we'll be patient. Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing what you put together.

(Via PC Gamer)