Humble Mobile Bundle 6 brings Threes!, Eliss Infinity, and more to Android.

[Humble Mobile Bundle 6]

Threes! is one of Kotaku's 12 Best Games on the iPhone, while Eliss Infinity is a former member of the list.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Limited Edition preorder is down to $84 today, its lowest price so far. [Walking Dead Season 4 LE, $91]


We've also got the Best Buy exclusive Walking Dead Season 4 with limited edition lenticular packaging down to $30, another price low. [Walking Dead Season 4 lenticular]

Head back to Albuquerque and re-live one of the greatest TV series ever made with the complete Breaking Bad Blu-ray set for just $102. That's a great deal, bitch. [Breaking Bad: The Complete Series]

The Humble BOOM! Bundle, featuring 95 issues across 18 comic book titles from BOOM! Studios.

[Humble BOOM!]

In addition to making your favorite external battery pack, Anker also makes... well, a lot of other stuff. Today you grab their gaming mouse for just $30 with it's 8200 DPI, 9 programmable buttons, and weight tuning. [Anker Gaming Mouse, $30]

If you've been waiting for an excuse to upgrade to an 802.11ac router, this might push you over the edge. $190 today gets you the excellent Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk, plus a Chromecast. That's a decent price for the router by itself, so if you have any TVs that aren't smart yet, you should jump on this. [Netgear Nighthawk Router + Google Chromecast, $190]

It's incredibly rare to see a USB 3.0 hub for $10 or less, let alone one with such great reviews. [ iClever 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub, $10 with promo code JA9BTKLM]

Evangelion is arguably the most influential anime ever. You can preorder your copy of part 3 of its Rebuild, Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo with its limited edition 54 page artbook for $15 off MSRP today. [Evangelion 3.33]

There's a new hardcover Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook that will be out on August 19. Today you can preorder for $20 off. [D&D Player's Handbook]

And there's more:

preorder Dungeons and Dragons Hardcover Monster Manual | $16 off

preorder Dungeons and Dragons Hardcover Master's Guide | $16 0ff

What's your favorite set of headphones? We want to know!


This month's Playstation Plus free titles are now available.



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  • Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger down to $5 each | PSN
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