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Human My Little Ponies Are Slightly More Tolerable In Anime Form

Not enjoying Equestria Girls, the Hasbro animated movie in which My Little Pony characters take on human form, YouTube animator Galaxyart got some friends together and magically made this impressive anime take on the hooves-to-hands motif.


The art is original, if inspired by popular anime. The designs are fresh and certainly nowhere near as creepy as Hasbro's colorful-skinned humans take. Even the music is new, an original tune in the vein of so many anime theme songs.

Here's a making-of video, giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how such an ambitious project comes to life.

Great work, all around. I'd watch this, even if it doesn't have the "Cafeteria Song" in it.

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Shouldn't they all be naked... you know... to stay true to the source.