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Hulu Plus Comes To More PS3 Owners Next Week

Illustration for article titled Hulu Plus Comes To More PS3 Owners Next Week

The premium subscription-based version of streaming TV and movie service Hulu has been available only to PlayStation Plus members since its launch on the PS3 this summer. Next week, that will change.


Sony Computer Entertainment America and Hulu will drop the barrier of PlayStation Plus membership next week, making paying for Hulu Plus content no longer an invitation-only affair. All PlayStation Network members will get access to Hulu Plus soon, geography permitting.


Hulu Plus subscriptions run $9.99 USD per month.

Sony announced that Hulu Plus would also be coming to new Bravia HDTVs and Bravia Internet Video Link via the BRAVIA Internet Video platform, as well as other Sony devices soon, should you not have a PlayStation 3.

Hulu Plus is planned to come to Xbox 360 next year.

Hulu Plus Soon Available to All PS3 Users []

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Long Live Video Games

Worthless if Netflix is already there.