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Hugo-Nominated Sci-Fi Author Writes The Book On Crysis 2

Illustration for article titled Hugo-Nominated Sci-Fi Author Writes The Book On Crysis 2

Del Rey brings the story of Crysis 2 to book stores everywhere in March with Crysis: Legion, the official game novelization by Peter Watts, the Canadian science fiction author once famously involved in a scuffle with the U.S. Border Patrol.


Crysis: Legion tells the story of Crytek's upcoming shooter. New York has been invaded by armored aliens, a plague is wiping out humans at an alarming rate, and only a supersoldier wielding the combat enhancement technology of the Nanosuit 2 stands between mankind and extinction.


It's a simple story, and it's perfect for Peter Watts, one of the world's better craftsman of hard science fiction - that's science fiction with a strong basis in reality.

You may remember Watts from an incident last year that resulted in the author being convicted of assaulting, resisting and obstructing a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer.

Perhaps that harrowing incident will help Watts add a little more gritty realism to the story of Crysis 2. We'll see when the book hits retailers in March.

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Generic sci-fi shooter that looks like ac cross between Gears Of War, Halo and Killzone 2. Just what the industry needs more of... yay.