Huge LEGO Castle, Inspired By World of Warcraft's Horde Capital

No doubt the gates of Orgrimmar were the inspiration for this fantastic custom LEGO fortress made by burlogh. Iron spikes, chains and robust walls. Yup, that’s not a place for humans.

In the last year I was a rather inactive builder, though in my mind I planned my new diorama. The wall with the guard towers were inspired by the gates of Orgrimmar in WoW, but the other elements are not connected to the game (maybe the windmill a little bit...). Unfortunately I was in a rush at the end, but at least I see a lot of improvement possibilities!


Cool features inside as well. Everything an orc/goblin fortress needs: Chains and spikes, giant caves, windmills more chains and spikes, and stables for various captured beasts.

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