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Super Smash Bros. can have a pretty high barrier to entry compared to other big Nintendo games. If you're a newcomer to this Smash generation, I'd recommend watching this video tutorial from YouTuber blakinola. It's the best one I've seen that offers an embarrassment-free primer for the game's fundamentals.


via Reddit

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I've been trying to get my girlfriend to play Smash Bros with me (She's all about Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros U) but it has been a challenge for her. Just last night she made a comment about how things were moving too fast, she couldn't keep track of where she was at, and too much was happening on the screen at once. This was after a 5 stock battle with 4 characters on screen (2 of which were level 3 AI) and two of her deaths were walking straight off thinking she was another character for just a moment.

At least she was a good sport about it and we laughed after I paused the game due to her screaming, "Where am I?! Where am I?!" repeatedly. She was Pac Man and he was making this pose on the very bottom of the screen if you changed the camera angle just right:…