Frikkin' sick! OlliOlli2, a sequel to awesome sidescrolling skate game OlliOlli, will be coming to PlayStation platforms next year. The follow-up will have a new art style and a new local multiplayer mode too. You can find out more here.


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Ugh. I know I should really back successful UK indie devs, but... I don't want to encourage them. The first game was just horrible. The controls are just a brain-ache, not intuitive at all, and it would crash like crazy. I have never before or since had a game that would crash out on Vita like OlliOlli did, and it would crash almost as often as the player (i.e. after a few minutes at most).

I wish they were making anything other than another OlliOlli.

I wish someone else was making 2D skating games, someone good at control schemes.