Set in the universe of Robert. E. Howard’s famous adventurer, Conan Exiles is an upcoming open-world survival game being developed for PC and consoles by Funcom. It’s hitting Steam Early Access this summer. Get ready for weeping and lamentation.


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Oh! Very interesting! Age of Conan is one of the best MMO that ever existed. I know, shocking, but stay with me for a minute.

Nobody knows it because the launch was absolutely terrible (I won’t deny that). The game finally caught up with its problem, after the hype was gone and when everyone was spitting at it. And it was stellar. No other MMO delivered such a fantastic and atmospheric universe. Well, there’s one, The Secret World, from the same guys. Tons of content, very hard content (tier 3 raid was unbeaten for a VERY long time, as well as T4), tons of interesting quests with interesting characters, amazing locations (Khitai was absolutely gorgeous), great combat system, interesting bosses, fantastic armor designs, incredible music, dungeons that were really creepy... PvP wasn’t that interesting because people only play in BG. The first zone of the game which serves as a tutorial was praised but it was the worse zone of the game hands down...

People really misjudged this game and didn’t give it a second chance when the major problems were fixed, which is really sad, because this is the kind of MMO I want to see more. Less theme park, more atmospheric... The expansion was freaking great. I mean, look at this!

Here’s the expansion OST, you’ll love it:…