On top of a major expansion coming in fall, Harmonix is adding online multiplayer to Rock Band 4 later this year for owners of said expansion. Hooray for things that should have been in the game at launch coming to the game!

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Joshua Johnston

Harmonix has really had to tread lightly with Rock Band 4 due to finances. The music game market never really seemed like it recovered, and it seems like people spent more money on the Guitar Hero franchise this time around. I’m mainly just glad Harmonix is still around and keeping the flame lit.

Online multiplayer also never really seemed like a big deal to me, because for me most of the fun is tossing back a few beers and playing with friends in my house. Rock Band 2 is why I own a 58" plasma screen in the first place! I’m far more excited for the MIDI drum kit adapter they also announced to be coming later this year.