It's Aiden Pearce on the line: While Watch Dogs imagines a world where we can hack anything from our phones, the reality is more often that the outside world is trying to hack into our phones. This new video feature from Motherboard takes a look at the ways your mobile phone can be hacked.


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You know what would have been awesome. If at the end of the game, you get to do something that's world ending to allow Aiden complete access to everything using CTOS. Basically the objective would be to unlock a skynet like system controlled by aiden, only to have an insane plot twist that all of it was a lie propagated by a sentient cTOS to use Aiden as a physical tool to give it control over everything like skynet. Aiden was the one getting hacked. In a bizarre twist the machine was hacking him, using him to unleash itself upon the world and gain complete control.