Hey, did you know that Alucard is dual-wield spelled backwards? Ok, maybe not. But you can still get a look at how different the fan-favorite Son of Dracula plays from his dad in this trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2's Revelations DLC.



What the holy hell is wrong with his stomach/chest? Ribs don't work that way.

I hope this is better, but I doubt it. I really liked the first game, I thought the potential of the twist was great and then they just sort of shit the bed in LOS2. There were still some great music and designs in it, but the plot, which is the games main draw since the QTEs and combat are typicl and uninspied, just sort of gives up.

Also, why did they change Satan from a whispy-thin, fallen angel looking design into a buffed out wrestle-man look? Blah, just tons of missteps.