Thralled—the chilling indie game about a runaway slave who's also a mother—has found a home on Ouya. Lead developer Miguel Oliveira tells Kotaku that Thralled will be an exclusive in exchange for the console company's support and that he expects a release later this year.


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I'm really curious about something (no offense intended, just genuine curiosity). As a foreigner, why are many American people obsessed with the issue of slavery? For example, the obsession with the recent movie "12 years a slave".

In my country, slavery was abolished about 25 years before it was abolished in the US, yet there doesn't seem to be this fixation with it here. So, someone who is more knowledgeable on this subject, can you tell me: Is the main issue slavery (which wasn't really something US specific) or the racism that followed after the abolition of slavery or something else?