New pre-rendered Assassin's Creed Unity trailer shows our hero, the assassin Arno, rescuing a woman who seems to be wearing a Templar cross (the same lady we initially thought was an assassin. Whoops!). The game's designers hinted at the end of this making-of video that Unity will address the schism between Assassins and Templars and what would happen if they could work together. Hmmm. UPDATE: Her name's Elise. She's a Templar.


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The problem with making a game about "what would happen if the Assassins and Templars work together" is that we already know it's doomed to fail, thanks to the state of the world in the present in every other game in the series.

Do we really need to have a whole game that builds up to what's inevitably just going to be "Psych! The Templars are still dicks!"?