Fire Glass: take a look at how one firefighter is using Google Glass to help him kick ass and be a hero. It's amazing.


I don't understand. None of that seemed useful. The floorplan could have been useful, but not without markers indicating where you are, where your brethren are, and which direction you're facing.

The extraction diagram might make sense if cutting the roof off a car was more complicated, but it seemed they just cut through every piece of metal between the windows to get the roof off, which is the obvious and intuitive way to cut the roof of a car off.

The hydrant locator, again, would be useful if it actually showed you GPS data of where you were relative to the hydrant.

The other part I'm confused about is that I thought GG could do this stuff already. I mean, aren't GPS maps like the first thing GG seems useful for? Also, isn't it supposed to do more Augmented reality stuff, like layering data/images over what you're looking at? I mean, it's supposed to act like a one-eyed HUD, right?