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Track: What is This Loneliness? | Album: Event II | Artist: Deltron 3030

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I thought Event ii was horrible, the ten+ year wait along with Del's lackluster flow and the forgettable beats made it one of the most disappointing albums I've heard in years.. I see Even ii as the Duke Nukem Forever of the music industry, it seemed like no one wanted to be involved with it by the end and they just wanted to push out an unfinished album in order to make back some money on all of the time they wasted. Many of the tracks on Event ii just sound they were parodying themselves, they reuse so many lyrical ideas throughout the album but the songwriting seems much worse overall "When I crash landed on the plan-et, I damn near couldn't understand it!"

Kid Koala seemed to have such a minor place on this record, there were no creative or memorable uses of sampling like you would find throughout s/t, the beats just felt very clean and straightforward. Some have speculated that they tried to avoid the legal issues that come with making sample based hip-hop, but sampling was such an essential part of the first album...

Overall, Event ii just feels soulless, What is This Lonliness is probably the best track on the album, but I still think it's less impressive than nearly any track on s/t.