Here's a new Thief trailer that shows the why, how and what you'll be breaking into and sneaking out of. It'll be out Feb. 28 25 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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I like how this game is right around the corner and no one is really talking about it. Hardly any ads, discussions or any of the sort. I guess there will be a big banner for it on launch day on Steam letting everyone know it's there which of course will snag a bunch of day 1 impulse buyers, but other than's not looking good.

This game had a very troubled development history and basically disappeared for a number of years. Now it's here and I get the feeling they're just pushing it out because they can't sit on it any longer, they need to make some money off of this for sitting in the backroom for so long. Hopefully it will be good but I get the feeling that Dishonored raised the bar a little too high and these guys can't hit it. Which is ironic considering how much Thief influenced Dishonored to begin with.