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The newest trailer for Vanillaware's side scroller Dragon's Crown shelves the questionably-designed Sorceress, showcasing the ridiculously muscular Dwarf instead—although, he looks more like a viking on steroids than a dwarf. Dragon's Crown is coming to PS3/Vita on July 25.




"HURR HURR STEROIDS AN TITS OMG!!!1" Ok, Trolltaku shenanigans aside,
let's actually talk about the ART DESIGN of the Dragon's Crown Dwarf:

To the left are actual Norse artifacts from Scandinavia. Thor's Hammer 'Mjolnir' is a motif used in many protective amulets. You can see it's a short hammer. It's actually a norse Blacksmith hammer. Vikings didn't actually use hammers for warfare, the mythology of Thor wielding one to smash monsters is just to show what a massive badass he is.

And this Dragon's Crown Dwarf carries on that Viking Blacksmith motif of Thor, tropes that are quite popular with dwarves in fantasy. You also see fictional depictions of the hammer in various 19th century works, such as:

Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge

We've also seen Vanillaware use Thor imager in their previous work, Odin Sphere:

So the Dragon's Crown Dwarf is very much an homage to Odin Sphere's General Brigan.

I really enjoy the artistry that Vanillaware puts into their games and you can really see it in Dragon's Crown. George Kamitani is both the artist and founder of Vanillaware, so the games they make really are the expressions of an artist who is doing what he wants to do. That is a very special thing in this era of lowest common denominator games.

But instead of celebrating that, you guys purposefully insult him, because inflammatory headlines draw the hits here. Kotaku, you can do better than this...

If any of y'all have read it this far, thankyou for your time! If you guys want to read more about Dragon's Crown designs, I wrote about it here:
(...in that post where Kotaku calls George Kamitani, the founder of Vanillaware and artist behind Dragon's Crown a "cheap to hire 14 year old boy")

*I've gone and shown George Kamitani the art analysis of Dragon's Crown, and he approves: