Chasm, when it grows up, will be a Diablo- and Zelda-inspired side-scrolling action-RPG/Metroidvania for the PC. Currently, it's a wee demo attached to a $150,000 Kickstarter project. 15 days and a bit over $50,000 to go for this one.

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James Barnard

150K - really!? I love pixel art games, I make them myself, but 150K would buy me 5 reasonably paid employees for 1 year, then when I finally finished the game its all profit! win win win!!! I think these projects are getting a bit crazy....perhaps its time for me to do one, and ask for the 30K I'd need to give up my job for a year...I mean good luck to them but really that is an insane ammount of money...same goes for Shovel Knight. Thats probably more than it cost to develop the original Ghosts and Goblins.