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So I had this idea for a Jurassic Park game...

Warning, lot of text... Also, this is more of me brainstorming than anything else. The ideas may jump around and the grammar may not be the best.

Jurassic Park: Hunt or Hunted

Focus - To create a fully realized open-world Jurassic Park game with unlimited replayability.



Open World - Jurassic Park is one of the richest settings in movies yet we still have seen very little of what Jurassic Park really is. Having this game be an open world will let user discover the park in his/her own way. They will truly be able to live the movie experience.

Human AND Dinosaur Campaign - Having the ability to play as both a person and dinosaur add so many new genuine experiences that no game has yet efficiently expressed. This is due to a number of reasons; technology being one of the main inhibitors.

Park Creator - Replay ability in games is crucial if you want your game to be played after it's initial release. A park creator only adds to replay ability by providing boundaries based on each end user.

Sound - MUST be superb and licensed sounds from ILM/Stan Winston studios.


Ideas to "fit in"

Kinect/EyeToy - When playing as a dinosaur, you can control roaring by making facial gestures. The bigger the roar gesture, the bigger the roar.

Staying still fools Rex .

Ingen Dinosaur Creator (plays like Spore)—-This could spawn the ability to breed, and mix dinosaur DNA. Jurassic Park had a toy line that was all about mixed Dino DNA. In this mode players could experiment and trade "DNA Strands" to spawn crazier dinosaurs.



JP:HoH's gameplay will be divided by three groups; (Human/Dinosaur/Builder)with various sub-groups (Example: Dinosaurs—Carnivore/Herbivore/Scavenger, Humans—Scientist/Hunter/Stranded) See below for further detail...

Human—- The human campaign should be easily playable by multiple ages. Since this is a FPS-like game, having a control scheme similar to games like CoD will promote this. Also, there should be varying difficulty for casual players who just want to explore and watch to the person who wants to hunt a female Rex.

Hunter/-The hunter has the best weapons and tracking abilities. You also hide your scent. The hunter thinks the only good dinosaur is one that's mounted on his wall. Daring hunters trespass quite often with few ever returning to bask in any sort of glory.

Scientist/-Scientists use their smarts. You are there to observe as though you weren't there. Scientists have drones that can be mounted with various things. One of these things is a camera that you can use to record pictures/video of dinosaurs up close without the risk of harm. The scientist can also use the drone to play the game in a third-person view.


Dinosaur—- The dinosaur campaign is about playing as your favorite dinosaur and living within jurassic park. Each dinosaur would play differently based on it's size and what not. Playing as

Rex/-Huge, loud, pretty much unstoppable. The player wants everyone to know the presence... Until a Spinosaur walks into the picture.

Raptor Pack/- The player controls an Alpha Raptor that can issue orders and strategically hunt.


Dilophasaurs/- Can blind enemies with spit. Agile. Cute...

Builder—- Builder is where players can create the park of their dreams, complete with visitor centers, custom player-generated tours and hopefully make movies.