Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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It’s Thursday! That means it’s almost Friday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’m having a tough morning. Lots of little things are frustrating me, and given the stress of the times they feel much bigger than they are. I’m having a hard time getting things done this week, and adjusting to having the dog around isn’t helping. (I just had to give her pills, which was a 20 minute ordeal and now she’s looking at me with dramatic, betrayed eyes.) Everything just feels very overwhelming today!


Nevertheless, there are lots of good things going on. I’ve still got a job when a lot of my friends don’t, and I’ve got a place to live. I tossed my terrible lemon bars and made some really tasty cookies, so I get to have cookies for breakfast. I’m trying to find the good in this day, no matter how small. It feels like a skill I’m going to need in the weeks ahead.

What’s good today for you? How’s it going?

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