How's It Going?: Togetherness Edition

High School Musical, “We’re All In This Together.” I’m sorry.
High School Musical, “We’re All In This Together.” I’m sorry.
Screenshot: Disney/YouTube

Welcome to another Monday, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

I went to a protest here in New York Friday night, which was a weird experience after spending three months studiously avoiding people whenever possible. It wasn’t the most organized march, not helped by the fact that it’s really hard to hear what people are saying or chanting when everyone’s wearing masks, but there was something wonderfully comforting about its stumbles.


One of the most moving parts of being at the protest for me was when we were marching by a house, and a little kid and their adult came rushing onto their stoop with a giant banner that said “Black Lives Matter.” People honked from their cars and cheered from their windows, and it was cool to see so many people getting involved in whatever way they could. Who’s to say what this week will bring, but at least, to quote my shameful top image, we’re all in this together.

How are you finding community, especially in this time when we’re both called to be with each other but still feeling the need to stay apart? How’s it going?



Seattle has been alternately a nuthouse and an example of togetherness and here I am making sure we show everything fairly. I work in the digital department at a news station, so web stuff, social media, YouTube, etc. It’s hard to read the comments sometimes, as I’m sure anyone who has to deal with keyboard warriors on a daily basis can attest to. My fresh hell this morning is the comment section on a video we showed yesterday of a guy driving his car at some protesters and then when one of them reaches into the driver’s side to get him to stop, he shoots the guy and then gets out and runs around waving the gun in the air. It’s terrifying. When I first watched it, I thought “Here we go again. This is Chancellorsville.” as I’m sure those protesters thought when they saw a car driving right at them. We don’t, as a standard practice, air footage of people getting shot. It’s tacky. But of course, when we cut the shot of the protester actually taking a bullet, suddenly we’re “fake news”, we “staged this incident” (REALLY? Really? You think we have nothing better to do right now? And WHY? Also, WHY are you off your meds, good sir?) or we’re “shaping a narrative”. Nah, man. We’re showing you what happened. It’s horrifying. It sucks. But I can’t show you someone being shot.

So being berated by that all morning fucking sucks. We’re literally here to inform you. We don’t have an “agenda”. But you can never convince some people of that no matter what you try.