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How's It Going?: Togetherness Edition

High School Musical, “We’re All In This Together.” I’m sorry.
High School Musical, “We’re All In This Together.” I’m sorry.
Screenshot: Disney/YouTube

Welcome to another Monday, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

I went to a protest here in New York Friday night, which was a weird experience after spending three months studiously avoiding people whenever possible. It wasn’t the most organized march, not helped by the fact that it’s really hard to hear what people are saying or chanting when everyone’s wearing masks, but there was something wonderfully comforting about its stumbles.


One of the most moving parts of being at the protest for me was when we were marching by a house, and a little kid and their adult came rushing onto their stoop with a giant banner that said “Black Lives Matter.” People honked from their cars and cheered from their windows, and it was cool to see so many people getting involved in whatever way they could. Who’s to say what this week will bring, but at least, to quote my shameful top image, we’re all in this together.

How are you finding community, especially in this time when we’re both called to be with each other but still feeling the need to stay apart? How’s it going?

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I tried “treating” myself a bit this weekend and heading out to some public spots. Obviously I’m still wearing a mask because it’s the socially conscious thing to do, but nobody else in my deep-red county is bothering. Also part of that is everybody thinking that “loosened guidelines” means “everything is back to normal,” so all of the places were packed. Tried visiting the flea market, which not only had mask requirements that nobody followed nor were enforced, but there was a line just to park, so I didn’t bother. Wanted to test out having the kid wear a mask (she did great with it) by going to a farm, and not only was the playground packed, but again, no masks, even with the parents. One woman did wear a mask when she went inside to shop, but that doesn’t mean shit when she was three feet away from the kids not two minutes earlier. After all of the frustration we stayed home for the rest of the weekend.

Cedar Point sued the state to reopen. I get it, they’re a publicly traded company and need to show shareholders that they’re doing everything that can to get back to making money. But after the state relented they’re planning to open in a week, which without any solid planning sounds like a terrible fucking idea. Compared to places like Disney and Universal their actions feel extremely selfish and short-sighted, and I’m not sure we’re going to bother visiting this year.

Finished The Boys with the wife. I enjoyed it, and I’m waiting for Season 2 to see where they take the story. Homelander is an AMAZING villain. I wish they’d explored why the other heroes were so willing to compromise themselves to remain on The Seven. I’m also interested to see what they do with Black Noir, because currently his existence from the comics makes zero sense. And related to Cedar Point, Sandusky is a backwater shithole that doesn’t have anything nearly as nice as the LA sets they were using. I think the producers just looked up the city on Wikipedia and threw in as many random facts as they could.

My wife is tired of getting invested in series which are still ongoing (The Boys, Younger, Lucifer, the final season of The Good Place which isn’t available for streaming yet). She legitimately threw a tantrum after The Boys because we ran out of episodes. Trying to think of another series that is either (a) completed, or (b) the season structure doesn’t matter. Maybe Brooklyn Nine Nine?

I think that’s everything from this weekend? /rant