How's It Going?: This Old House Edition

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During one of the first nights in our new place, we found ourselves tired and in need of a rest after moving. So we laid in bed and loaded up Pluto TV, a free TV streaming app, and found a channel that was airing This Old House episodes 24/7. We watched it as a goof, at first. I remember watching the show when I younger and my dad, who does construction, would criticize and praise the work of different people featured in episodes. And at first, I did the same thing, though more as a joke. (Because I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to plumbing or HVAC systems.)

But then, after a few nights of watching This Old House as a goof...we realized we were just watching because we liked it. Now I watch episodes of the show’s spin-off, Ask This Old House, on the show’s official YouTube channel. I get excited when they tease a strange mystery problem with a home or a cool looking woodworking project. I’ve now been watching almost exclusively This Old House and Ask This Old House for the past three weeks and I don’t plan on stopping. I’m not sure why my brain has latched on to this show, but I do find myself more relaxed and calm while watching it. So, I’m not complaining.

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How’s it going? Done any home improvement around the house lately? Planning on fixing up or changing up anything in your home or apartment? Or is it hard to care about that stuff during all this?

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We had AC installed about a month ago, which is apparently a rare thing out here in CO. Growing up in the South, AC was standard and it blows my mind that people live here without it, and we lived in this house for 4 years without it. A frustrated wife, 2 struggling-to-sleep kids, and $6000 later (replaced the 1977 furnace too)...we did it. But that’s pretty much the last thing I’m interested in doing this year.