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How's It Going?: Taxes Edition

Bob’s Burgers, “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?”
Bob’s Burgers, “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?”
Screenshot: Fox/Hulu

It’s already Tuesday! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

In the middle of a meeting yesterday I remembered Tax Day is coming up, briefly derailing said meeting as several of us went “oh, crap.” I think the temporary pause on my student loan payments is also up soon, which means bidding farewell to looking at my bank balance and thinking “Gosh, where did I get so much money?” I’d had grand visions of still paying the loans while they were paused, since it felt like my only chance to ever actually see the number go down, but I quickly learned how much nicer it is to spend that money on stuff like food and donating to important causes. I’ll miss you, fiscal solvency.


Anyway, the entire purpose of today’s post is to remind you that you have to pay your taxes soon, if you, like me, forgot. Surprise! How’s it going?

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Thankfully, I pushed this through back in February using the IRS free file. It was a headache of an afternoon but worth it. I could see where a workplace deciding to not send out the required forms would hamper that though. I also used this time to pay down more on my student loans. I managed to get two of them gone, so I’m happy about that. Still got some on them left though.

I fully recommend using the IRS free file program. It was a little bit more work, but before tax prep software came long, people were able to figure out how to file their taxes on their own just fine. These aren’t new problems. The idea that you need a CPA to do your taxes is laughable, as an individual or married filing jointly. There are a few exceptions to that though, like if you dealt with a lot of day trading or owned a sole proprietorship.