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How's It Going?: Summer Edition

Grease, “Summer Nights.” It’s in your head now. You’re welcome.
Grease, “Summer Nights.” It’s in your head now. You’re welcome.
Screenshot: YouTube

It’s Thursday—we can do this! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Yesterday I turned on my air conditioner, which I always try to avoid for as long as possible. While working from home has been nice in a lot of ways, I’m not excited about what it’s going to do to my bills this summer. I am firmly in the “winter is the best season” camp, because I am a weirdo who loves to be cold, so summer always fills me with a strange, unrelatable dread. It’s hot where I live, and it’s only going to get hotter, and that is the worst.


Are you a summer person? How’s it going?

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My girlfriend and I fight about temperature all the time. Even just in bed at night, she still has a comforter on the bed. Meanwhile I’ve got a fan set up next to me blowing on my face all night so I don’t overheat and die. I have no idea how she just stays wrapped up all the time, drives me nuts.