How's It Going?: Shouting Edition

Tears for Fears, “Shout”
Tears for Fears, “Shout”
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This has been a very long week, but it’s nearly over! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

New York is set to hit “phase 2” of the city’s reopening soon. I was talking to some friends about what that means for their businesses—one owns a bar, and one works in a retail store—and while everyone plans to follow the guidelines the city’s set forth, none of us really know if those guidelines are safe, or how some of them can be pulled off. They all require extra people, and extra attention, and open up a lot of problems and situations that will be difficult to deal with. I’ve been lucky that, while my job has definitely gotten more stressful and all-consuming since the pandemic started, it’s remained relatively the same in terms of what I do in a day. The whole conversation just made me want to scream with frustration, or go yell at Governor Cuomo that for all his “we beat it, go us” press conference rhetoric, no one seems in a terribly good position to proceed with whatever the next year or more of our lives looks like while both staying safe and taking care of the people they’re responsible for.

So I’m feeling very overwhelmed this morning! What about you? How’s it going?

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Hyperbolic Idiot Chamber

Been a rough couple of days for me, I graduated this past spring and still have had zero luck finding a job willing to interview me let alone hire me. Twitter is also producing some “interesting” last of us 2 opinions.