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How's It Going?: Shouting Edition

Tears for Fears, “Shout”
Tears for Fears, “Shout”
Screenshot: YouTube

This has been a very long week, but it’s nearly over! Welcome back to our daily open thread.


New York is set to hit “phase 2” of the city’s reopening soon. I was talking to some friends about what that means for their businesses—one owns a bar, and one works in a retail store—and while everyone plans to follow the guidelines the city’s set forth, none of us really know if those guidelines are safe, or how some of them can be pulled off. They all require extra people, and extra attention, and open up a lot of problems and situations that will be difficult to deal with. I’ve been lucky that, while my job has definitely gotten more stressful and all-consuming since the pandemic started, it’s remained relatively the same in terms of what I do in a day. The whole conversation just made me want to scream with frustration, or go yell at Governor Cuomo that for all his “we beat it, go us” press conference rhetoric, no one seems in a terribly good position to proceed with whatever the next year or more of our lives looks like while both staying safe and taking care of the people they’re responsible for.

So I’m feeling very overwhelmed this morning! What about you? How’s it going?

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Kate Moore (chiisaisuzume)

Yesterday seemed so long, there were points in the afternoon/evening that I honestly thought I’d done something the day before, only to discover that I’d done it that morning. I know Pandemic Standard Time is a bit weird, but that was disconcerting.

Think what really kicked that off was the latest Windows update absolutely annihilating my desktop. I knew I was slowly reaching the point of having to replace it; I’d talked about it for awhile and poked around so I’d have an idea of what to get when the time came, but I kept saying I’d wait until there was no other option. I wasn’t actually ready when that time came, as it turns out. Spent considerable time trying to roll the update back, yet when I finally managed to do so, there was no appreciable change. Clicking took literal minutes to respond; the desktop would randomly go white, then blue, only to reappear without icons which would eventually materialise. I didn’t bother looking to see if MicroCenter was taking computers in; that meant a long drive for a computer that I knew was due replacement. Ended up with a very nice Asus gaming laptop that had most of what I wanted, and ordered the necessary peripherals. Still “moving in” as it were, and the difference is incredibly noticeable, which is helping with the inevitable buyer’s remorse.