How's It Going?: Shake It Off Edition

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Good morning! Welcome back to our daily open thread. This is the most human contact I’ve had in days, so I’m glad you’re here.


Friday feels a little weird when I’ve been stuck at home all week. It’s the weekend—time for more...sitting at home? Still, it’ll be nice to have less reasons to look at the internet, which is stressing me out. I’ve been trying to discern the difference between useful worry—Did I eat today? Am I checking in with my friends?—and unproductive worry—How long is this going to go on? Is our government comprised of monsters?—and I’ve been trying to curb unproductive worry before it totally derails me. I have not been very successful, but ‘luckily’ there’s lots of things to worry about, so I’ll get some practice in. Worrying was one of my favorite hobbies before all this started, so I’m really putting that tendency through its paces.

How about you? How are you shaking off the worry? How’s it going?


Kate Moore (chiisaisuzume)

It’s been a trying day. Found out early this morning that my best friend is sick with... something. We’re hoping it’s not covid-19, but she hasn’t been able to get tested yet. Downside of living in the middle of nowhere. Then I found out that one of Mum’s older friends has caught bronchitis, and is in the hospital. (We were planning on how to get her groceries to her; I’d happy trade back the inconvenience of that!) So... as cliche as it sounds, I’m really glad Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out. I need some distraction that I can put down and pick up at need. Not to mention it feels good to have relative control over something, at least!