How's It Going?: Reset Edition

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy
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Welcome to another week, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

Social distancing is starting—or continuing—to wear on me. Nothing’s really changed where I live, but the string of days stuck at home is starting to take its toll. My apartment, particularly my couch, looks lived in in a way no amount of cleaning seems to reset. It’s hard to keep track of what things I need to do on a particular day because they all feel the same, with few of my routines to break them up


What are you doing to reset your brain and get over the hump? How’s it going?



WA got another month of Stay at Home order, which was tough to take. I was expecting Inslee to extend it to 5/18, but the extension to 5/31 just was a little more frustrating than I expected, even if I understand the reasoning behind the decision. My new couch will be coming within about a week, and I went and heisted my office chair over the weekend (no more wooden dining table chair!), so my butt and lower back are currently happy and have something to look forward to.  

Distractions: My partner and I are working hard for that 100% on Lego Harry Potter. We already finished Years 1-4, and I expect Years 5-7 will go faster as the game is a little more polished and better at conveying what collectibles are in every area. I asked her what we would do when we finished the game and she said, “play again?” However, I think I want to try out Overcooked 2 with her, as I downloaded that one when it was free for PS Plus users and it looks pretty fun. Or maybe see if she wants to try another game from Lego series, if anyone has any suggestions from the large library of Lego games.