How's It Going?: Rainy Days Edition

Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain
Screenshot: Sony/Quantic Deam

Sunday is the end of the week, but before we leave this week lets have one more open thread. Come on over and chat about the week or whatever.


Rain! I love the rain. I get excited when I hear storms rolling in and dark clouds start to fill the sky. I’m not trying to sound emo or dark, I just like hearing the pitter-patter of rain. Especially a nice and long rainstorm with a little cool wind mixed in. I open my door and just let the cold air and smell of rain fill my apartment. Currently, as I write this, it is raining. It has been raining a lot these last few days over here in Kansas and I’ve been enjoying every drop.

Your Daily Simpsons Clip

How’s it going? What have you been up to lately? Any good news? Cook anything tasty lately? Binging any TV shows or movies?

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Grilled up some burgers last night, which was a welcome psychological treat. So of course there’s a couple more patties to use tonight!

Also, my cheeky review of the beginning of Death Stranding:

[15 minutes of interesting cut scenes]

>Press Left Stick to Hike!<

[Hikes for five minutes]

[10 minutes of slightly bewildering cut scenes]

[Hikes for ten minutes]

[30 minutes of crazy intense cut scenes]

>Press triangle to take a dump!<

[20 minutes of Tommy Wiseau-level cut scenes]

Me: I am so into this.