How's It Going? Pills Edition

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Daily medication is an excellent way to keep track of what day it is. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


It’s funny. Before I had my aortic dissection back in 2018, I prided myself on never taking medication. Aside from the odd migraine pill, chalky bits of chemical goodness never passed my lips. Now I have pills for blood pressure, blood thinning, cholesterol, blood sugar, and a whole bunch of supplements to make sure I... don’t need supplements. Want to know a secret? I forget the morning pills six out of seven days, and I haven’t died yet. Anyway, I know it’s Tuesday because the Monday night pills are gone and the Tuesdays are still there.

So, how’s it going?

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Not great on my end. Mom’s got COVID and she was just about the worst sort of carrier before her diagnosis was confirmed:

She went to a casino, came back, started complaining about allergies a few days later, flew on a plane to Dallas, hung out there a couple days with a group of friends who were all 70+, flew back (still complaining about allergies), took me and my brother out to dinner where we realized what she had been doing and going through and we both freaked the hell out and told her to get tested. She of course didn’t want to and was mad at us for suggesting she was sick.

The next day she wakes up with no sense of taste or smell. FINALLY goes to the damn ER and gets tested, and yup, she’s positive. Her confirmed diagnosis was Friday. This morning found out a couple of her elderly Dallas friends were rushed to the ER and are on ventilators right now. I’m self isolating and probably will be until next... Wednesday, I think? Same with my brother.

I’m worried about her (and her friends too) but I’m pissed that she was so stupid and selfish during a goddamn pandemic.