How's It Going?: Patience Edition

Invisible Inc. It’s a turn-based stealth game, so...patience, you see...
Invisible Inc. It’s a turn-based stealth game, so...patience, you see...
Image: Nintendo

Welcome to Tuesday, a day that isn’t Monday, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately, a feeling I bet a lot of you can relate to. There feels like too much to do all the time and I’m just...trapped in my house with it all. New York is starting to open back up again, something I’d looked forward to for so long, but now that it’s here it just feels confusing and weird. As much as I want nothing more than to go on a run without being scared I’m spewing germs everywhere, or to eat a meal I haven’t cooked myself in a restaurant, I don’t see how it’s any safer than it was three months ago, and that makes it hard to know how to behave. I like to worry, so this gives my over-active brain lots of new things to stress about. When I get too hung up on worrying, I try to remind myself that worrying isn’t actually doing anything. What I really need to do is just be patient and make my choices based on the information that keeps coming out. Still, I’m feeling ready for a lot of the features of this time in our collective history to be over.

When I get way too stressed, I find this video VERY soothing:


How about you? How’s it going?

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I’m definitely in no hurry to re-emerge into shared spaces, since there is no one clear plan to speak of. Which is a little funny because despite our county’s first reopening phase being put on hold, apparently I still am scheduled for a dental appointment, and feel okay about going to it. I guess I trust that they have their protection strategies together. Plus, if dentist offices were generally hotspots for communicable airborne diseases, I would assume we’d have seen that trend by now. And yet I wouldn’t feel comfortable just hanging out with friends, even staying apart and wearing masks. I don’t even know if I make sense anymore.