How's It Going?: Pancakes Vs Waffles Edition

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From Splatoon
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Welcome back to our daily open thread. The world seems to be a giant mess of pain, suffering and bad news. So let’s chat about something silly.

Pancakes vs. waffles is a debate that has.. well not really “raged on”, but existed in diners and on forums for a long time. I’m firmly on #teamwaffle. Waffles have those wonderful divots dotting both sides, allowing for extra crispiness. They also hold on to butter and syrup better. Plus, waffles make up half of my favorite breakfast. I love chicken and waffles and the idea of having chicken and pancakes sounds disgusting.

In defense of pancakes, you can make them with basically any pan in your kitchen. You don’t need a waffle maker or mold. But they also get soggy too fast and don’t hold onto butter as well.


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How’s it going? The weekend is winding down. Did you do anything fun or productive this weekend? Any good news from your neck of the woods? Everyone holding up okay?

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waffles for me because i always wait until im really hungry to eat. Frozen waffles (Eggo) require very little prep time. i can pop in toaster and be eatting them within 3 min.

However im going to be that guy and say french toast beats both every time.