How's It Going?: Packing Edition

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At the end of this month, my GF and I are moving. I’ve mentioned this a few times before in previous posts, but now that we are about two weeks away, we’ve started packing more. And have quickly run into the problem so many have before us: Packing too early means deciding what you can live without.

At first, packing was easy. Pack up all the LEGO kits, all the winter clothes, all the random collectibles, and old game consoles. But now we only have rooms like the kitchen to pack away. Do we pack up this pot? Some of our flatware? And should we try eating more so we have less food to deal with come moving day? So it seems we will have to wait a bit longer to pack everything, which isn’t great because we both like getting stuff planned and taken care of far in advance. But unless we want to live out of boxes for a few weeks, that’s just not possible.

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How’s it going? How’s your city/state handling recent spikes in cases? And who wants to bet Disney World closes in a few weeks as Flordia gets worse?

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Christine Q.

So, Uh, I’m turning 36 in two days, and I started driving lyft not too long ago so I could at least have a car during this dumpster fire of events. I think I’ve run out of ways to say how remarkably fucked things are, not only in my own microcosm, but on the grand scale as well. and this gets a little depressing, but, today; I have not only felt the pinch myself, but actually saw and walked through like... just how horrible it can get. I am driving lyft this morning to meet my bare minimum standard while narrowly avoiding going past the limit of “personal miles” because I barely can afford to pay my back rent while unemployed due to corona on these wages. I drove this woman from walmart to an actual, literal hovel. A building that was so close to falling apart I was scared that someone would sneeze. She’s living in there because she can’t afford to live like a person. I’m not doing much better, but oh my god, I’m so angry that billionaires exist right now.