How's It Going?: Outdoors Edition

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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It’s Thursday, which makes it almost Friday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I live in a very crowded city, and it’s been tough not to be able to go outside much. I belong to a Facebook group for trail-runners, which a friend invited me to when I expressed interest in learning to do ultra-marathons. (This interest is definitely me getting ahead of myself; when I told a sports medicine doctor a few months ago that I wanted to run ultras, she yelped, “But not right now!”) Members of the group have been sharing pictures of their epic outdoor runs, and while it’s nice to virtually visit the woods, it’s also making the lack of nature around me even harder to take. I really miss my weekend runs through the streets and parks of New York City, and I wish I lived somewhere where I at least had some grass to roll around in.

Have you been getting outside at all? How’s it going? 

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Faux Bravo

The few pictures I’ve seen of NYC make it look like a few people are out, but not nearly enough to worry about crossing paths with people. Couldn’t you get out to run once in a while, or is it absolutely not allowed?

I still get out every day. I live outside of a medium-ish (?) sized city in Massachusetts. Either I go for a walk or run, and while a fair amount of people are usually out too, people have been pretty good about spreading out on the sidewalk or stepping off completely when needed.

I’m also out in the yard sometimes, though it’s been rainy and still cold lately. That’ll go away soon, I imagine.

A friend linked some app for finding trails to hike, and swears there were only a couple people out this weekend where he was. But that seems risky. I just picture pulling up somewhere and the trail being like a line of people waiting to get in somewhere.