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How's It Going?: Old Favorites Edition

Mark of the Ninja
Mark of the Ninja
Screenshot: Steam

The week continues. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I have a lot of new games to play, but last night I decided to tinker around in stealth game Mark of the Ninja, which I haven’t played in a while. It was fun to remember what I’d loved about the game, as well as to play something familiar. I’m sure games journalists aren’t alone with the pressure of playing the next new thing, and it was nice to push that stress aside for a bit.


I’ve rediscovered some other old favorites during this time, too: I’ve been rewatching The Simpsons endlessly (though, to be fair, I was doing that before), playing songs I’d forgotten I knew on guitar, and pulling out old recipes to find things to do with my pantry staples. Searching for the familiar these days probably isn’t revelatory, but it’s been nice.

Is there anything you’ve been going back to lately? How’s it going?

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Oh definitely. My wife and I have gone back to the comfort food of re-watching the Harry Potter movies and playing through the Uncharted games. Simple, un-complicated pleasures to help navigate a complicated and uncertain time.

Also: Mark of the Ninja is great.