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Quickly, into my office! I have something to tell you. Yes, you. Turns out, the rumors are true. Kotaku’s daily open thread is live!


I signed a lease for a new apartment recently and we move late July. So I’ve begun looking for a new desk for my new office. I’ve never had an office. And I need a desk that can handle monitors, a TV and maybe some consoles and stuff. This would be much easier if I could just GO to a store and look around. But places around here are still closed, understandably, because of COVID-19. Even if they were open, walking around a packed store makes me nervous. And touching stuff that tons of other people have touched makes me glad I own a bunch of plastic gloves.

If anybody has a good new desk suggestion, please share it with me. I need something that is less than $200, preferably in an L-shape and sturdy.


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How’s it going? Anything interesting happening? Any good news? My girlfriend baked and decorated a nice cake in celebration of Pride month! Anyone else baking up treats?

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