How's It Going?: New Desk Edition

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Quickly, into my office! I have something to tell you. Yes, you. Turns out, the rumors are true. Kotaku’s daily open thread is live!


I signed a lease for a new apartment recently and we move late July. So I’ve begun looking for a new desk for my new office. I’ve never had an office. And I need a desk that can handle monitors, a TV and maybe some consoles and stuff. This would be much easier if I could just GO to a store and look around. But places around here are still closed, understandably, because of COVID-19. Even if they were open, walking around a packed store makes me nervous. And touching stuff that tons of other people have touched makes me glad I own a bunch of plastic gloves.

If anybody has a good new desk suggestion, please share it with me. I need something that is less than $200, preferably in an L-shape and sturdy.

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You are going to have a tough time sticking to $200 new. Watch out for the difference between a computer desk, which tends to not be very deep, versus a regular desk which is deep. You are going to have to scour craiglist, Facebook marketplace, antique and second hand stores, all over the place. The first requirement you will have to drop though, will be that L shape.