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How's It Going?: New Apartment Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Hello from my new apartment. I’m back after a week and a half long vacation. But our daily open thread never takes a day off. Come on in.

I say I was on vacation, but 9 out of those 10 days were spent moving, unpacking, setting stuff up, dealing with buying items during a pandemic, and a lot of moving around. I only really spent about 2 nights and a day playing games and relaxing.


Anyway, I’m excited about our new place! It has two bedrooms, a big kitchen, a nice patio, and a wood-burning fireplace. I now have my own office, which I tweeted about earlier this week. Having a dedicated space to work is wonderful. If I want to get away from work I just leave my office and have a whole apartment that isn’t my job. Before my office was spread across the living room, which was connected to the kitchen and dining room, so it was hard to escape work. But now I have a door I can close behind me when I’m done working and that might seem like a small thing, but mentally it is incredibly useful.

I’ll probably have some more updates on the new place in the future!

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How’s it going? Anyone move recently? Moving during a pandemic sure is wild! Also happy to be back after a weekend away. Did you miss me?