How's It Going?: Nailed It Edition

Nailed It!
Nailed It!
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Happy...Wednesday? Time is losing all meaning. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


Last night I decided to bake some lemon bars, which I’ve never made before. They were, let’s say, unsuccessful: they look appalling, with bits of the crust stuck in the custard and a weird skin on top from baking them too long. However, they taste good, so I’ve been sort of looking away while I eat them. It’s a little bit sad, all things considered, but hey, there’s no one around to see me!

Cooking and baking new things is one of my favorite things to do, but it’s been hard not to have that outlet when I feel so anxious about wasting food or having to make trips to my neighborhood’s pretty depleted grocery stores. I usually take recipe fails pretty hard, but they feel even rougher now, which is not a stress I need.


Are you cooking anything new? Any dramatic failures or last minute successes? How’s it going?

(PS—I was in theater before I came to games, and I’m taking the death of gay playwright Terrence McNally from complications of covid-19 pretty hard. His play Love! Valour! Compassion! was such an important find to me when I was a little queer teenager sneaking into the LGBT section of the bookstore. I once saw a production of the play where the actors pantomimed most of the set, but they kept forgetting where their imaginary furniture was and walking through the invisible tables or passing things through the invisible walls, and it drove me nuts. It’s still a great play, though. RIP.) 

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Stephen Totilo

I made mac and cheese for our twins and one of them, at least, ate it for dinner. That’s almost nailing it. (The other had a “peanut butter sandwich,” which is actually a PB&J). Whatever keeps toddlers fed....