How's It Going?: Mistakes Edition

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Happy Thursday! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I made some apple muffins yesterday with the over-abundance of apples I got in a temporary CSA share. (I’m really excited about this: I’ve always wanted to do a CSA but thought it was too much food for one person, but now I’m home all the time I have a lot more time to cook. That said, most of the things I got lend themselves better to baking than cooking, so I’m staring down a lot of cakes and pies I have no one to share with.) After the muffins had been in the oven for about 10 minutes I realized I forgot to add salt, which is the kind of mistake I never make. Everything feels outsized these days, so I spent the rest of their baking time pacing in front of the oven muttering “I can’t believe you did that.” They turned out fine, if slightly less delicious than they could’ve been, but it seemed like a tiny reminder that none of us are probably firing on all cylinders lately.


Is there some silly thing you’ve been messing up lately? Or something you’ve gotten better at? How’s it going?

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Got scolded yesterday for a bug I introduced when the quarantine orders started rolling out. Was juggling too many things at once to get everybody else running in a remote working situation and completely overlooked a change to a system that runs for 2 hours at a time. All because I inserted a boolean “or” instead of a boolean “and” and it wasn’t noticed for a month. Not my greatest moment.

My wife decided to cook dinner for the first time in a while, which is great because it meant that I could kick back after work. It wasn’t until the french toast casserole was in the oven that she realized she’d used cumin instead of cinnamon. I don’t know how the smell wasn’t an immediate indicator that the custard was wrong. Whatever, Taco Bell to the rescue, and I picked up a new loaf of bread for her to try it again. Also hid the cumin, just in case.